Parents’ Day - July
Sun, Jul 23, 2023

Parents’ Day

Parents’ Day is dedicated to the dearest people who loved and cared for us even before we were born. Parents do the impossible for their children, and their care does not decrease when we grow up. Every year on the fourth Sunday of July, we honor our mothers and fathers.

The History

The holiday was established by US President Bill Clinton in 1994. A Congressional resolution was signed recognizing and elevating the role of parents. It is obvious they support children and help them in their development and socialization. The mission of the holiday is not only to honor those who gave us life, but also to promote a responsible attitude to creating a family and raising children.

Also on this day, they always talk about the other side of this topic – children who are forced to grow up without parental love and attention.

Interesting Facts

  • July 24 is chosen for Parents’ Day as in May Mother’s Day is celebrated and in June, Father’s Day.
  • Educational institutions, federal and local authorities, legislative bodies, and charitable organizations take part in the events.
  • On this day, the Parents of the Year award is presented at different levels to those who follow high standards of education.
  • Everything that a child feels, parents experience ten times more.

Celebration traditions

Congratulate your mom and dad, give them attention, care, a bouquet of flowers, and theater tickets. Do your best to be together on this day. A popular tradition is joint lunches or dinners. Be sure to talk about the holiday on social networks, talk about your parents, and take part in events dedicated to the holiday.

When is Parents’ Day celebrated in 2023?

Parents’ Day is observed on the fourth Sunday in July each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday July 23 2023
Sunday July 28 2024
Sunday July 27 2025
Sunday July 26 2026

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