Gorgeous Grandma Day - July 23
Sun, Jul 23, 2023

Gorgeous Grandma Day

Gorgeous Grandma Day is dedicated to young, cheerful grandmothers. On this day, all ladies over 50 are congratulated. Is there such a woman in your circle? Give her some attention, regardless of whether she has grandchildren.

The History

Gorgeous Grandma Day appeared at the end of the last century thanks to Alice Solomon. She graduated from college in 1984 – at first glance, this fact is not strange, but at the time, she was 50 years old. Alice faced prejudice in her address, so she established a holiday dedicated to women who have reached the age of 50, but are not ready for a measured, calm life. The mission of the holiday is to prove that the age of 50 is not retirement age.

Interesting Facts

  • In the United States, women become grandmothers quite early: the average age is 48 years.
  • Whoopi Goldberg had a grandson when she was only 34 years old.
  • Jack Nicholson thought for a long time that his grandmother was his mother.
  • According to surveys, about 40% of grandmothers lead an active intimate life; 10% have tattoos and this percentage is increasing every year.
  • Almost 50% of grandmothers regularly go in for sports and like to bake cookies, and more than 75% actively use the Internet.
  • When a grandmother drives a car, the probability of an accident is 50%.
  • About 70% of grandmothers are sure this status improves their relationship with their children.

How to take part

The celebration scenario depends on what your status is. If you are a grandmother, please yourself with a vacation or visit the spa. If this is not you, give sincere thanks to the grandmothers among your relatives and friends. Be sure to share the holiday on social media; don’t forget the hashtag #NationalGorgeousGrandmaDay.

When is Gorgeous Grandma Day Celebrated in 2023?

Gorgeous Grandma Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 23rd each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday July 23 2023
Tuesday July 23 2024
Wednesday July 23 2025
Thursday July 23 2026

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