What can be better than funny holidays after a long hard-working period? Yes, in a rhetoric question the answer is obvious, but we suppose that there are things a bit more delightful, like ridiculous events made for those who are totally tired of all those ordinary stuffs. Who needs Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving Day, etc., when there are plenty of bizarre traditions that should be respected too? Well, honestly, they should not be, but it is one more reason to have fun. Let us familiarize you with some of such ways to spend the weekends.

Weird National American holidays

There is an event for each day in a year (it is not a joke). We have the shortened list of holidays for you to consider and compare with the familiar ones to you. The list of weird Nation American Holidays includes:

  1. Be Kind to Lawyers Day (11th April of each year). Lawyer is one of the oldest profession in the US; it has the great history of ups and downs, what led to the great history of jokes. This event encourages tolerant and provokes interest to the profession itself. By the way, sending a note to your lawyer can evoke warm attitude to you – for future.
  2. Wear Pajamas to Work Day (16th April of each year). The name of the day is already strange, but that is what some people do in 16th April. You should inform your boss that you are going to show your home clothes to all the staff, but be careful: your boss can have no sense of humor. Anyway, the day is aimed at rallying the co-workers, so if you are the boss – try to vary the working atmosphere.
  3. Collect Rocks Day (16th September of each year). Go to a park and pick up some rocks. Why you should do this? Because you can. If you are a geologist, this day will be full of experience for you; if you aren’t, the geology is interesting by its own.
  4. National Absurdity Day (20th November of each year) appeals to the weirdest parts of your soul. Spend the day being Lewis Carol’s Alice, have fun and relax fully before taking a mask of a serious civilian the next day.

Wacky holidays from other countries

The strange holidays of other nations usually seem to be a little more bizarre than the native ones. Of course, it depends on your mind’s flexibility, but cultural intelligence and experience that we are getting during life determine our attitude towards anything related to culture. Moreover, various stereotypes put the wind in cultural sphere. Weird holidays from other countries are also unique and unusual:

  1. “Punch Your Neighbor” Festival (Bolivia, each May). A quite self-expressive day, isn’t it? Punch a neighbor and live-in peace the next year.
  2. Goose Day (Pennsylvania, 29th September of each year). There is no explanation why people try to decapitate a dead goose hanging from a rope, but it should be funny anyway.
  3. Mud Festival (South Korea, each July). We suppose it is cool to recall in memory your childhood when we were able to come home all covered in mud. Quite a serious reason to make dirty holiday, huh?

The victories in such festivals are not so essential. The participants are much more interested in having a good rest and just chatting or relaxing. Try not to limit yourself with your own culture only, and you will see that there are a lot of foreign wacky traditions worthy of attention too.