Month: October

The fall atmosphere absorbs and disposes us to long walks in the park. October weather allows this. This month is filled with good spiritual holidays and reasons to look at life optimistically. Talk about taking care of the elderly on their national day. Figure out how to celebrate Music Day in an original way. In the middle of fall, a great opportunity arrives to give up alcohol temporarily or permanently on the Day of Sobriety. The Day of Coffee allows for the recharging creative energy and clarity of thought. On Animal Protection Day, you need to take care of nature. Trips to zoos are guaranteed. Do you feel a desire to take a pet from a shelter and make a living being happy? Fall is fruitful, abundant, and generous, with wonderful landscapes. Enjoy beauty; surround loved ones with warmth and care. The dominant festival is Halloween. Stock up on candy, scary stories to be told to households in the late evening, and pumpkins suitable for lanterns. Lovers of masquerade parties are preparing for the Eve of All Saints’ Day in advance.