Gruntled Workers Day - July 13
Sat, Jul 13, 2024

Gruntled Workers Day

Gruntled Workers Day is a great occasion to remember the good things in your own work that bring pleasure. Every year on July 13, millions of people gather with colleagues to share pleasant experiences and think about their future and career plans. According to statistics, the number of people who are unsatisfied with their careers is increasing every year. Against this background, Gruntled Workers Day is of particular value, when people who are satisfied with a company, profession, or team tell others about it.

The History

It is not known when this unusual day appeared, but it is absolutely known who came up with the holiday. It was founded by Thomas and Ruth Roy. Thanks to the creativity of this couple, 70 more holidays have appeared in Chase’s Calendar of Events. The day reminds everyone that every profession is valuable. The mission of the holiday is to help people look at their careers in a positive way.

How to Become an Employee Who Loves Their Company:

  • Respect colleagues and the boss. It helps to maintain friendly relations and a healthy atmosphere in the office.
  • Set a personal example – be responsible and honest, others will surely notice and appreciate it.
  • Communicate openly and directly when you feel discontent or irritation. Discussion is a great way to avoid conflict. Speak calmly.
  • Make more lists that will remind you of important things, dates, and tasks.
  • Get enough sleep. Good rest directly affects the quality of tasks, success, and the psychological atmosphere in the company.

How to Take Part

Take a test that will help determine if you are satisfied with your job. Such tests are interesting and help you learn more about yourself. Think about the results; if the test shows it is time for you to change your occupation, be bold – change something in your life. Spread a positive attitude towards work; talk about it on social networks.

When is Gruntled Workers Day celebrated in 2024?

Gruntled Workers Day is observed on July 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday July 13 2024
Sunday July 13 2025
Monday July 13 2026
Tuesday July 13 2027
Thursday July 13 2028
Friday July 13 2029