National Wrong Trousers Day - July 1
Sat, Jul 1, 2023

National Wrong Trousers Day

The idea of ​​National Wrong Trousers Day is pretty simple – find your weirdest, wackiest, most wrong pants, put them on, and look wrong. On July 1st, it does not matter if you’re wearing sequin pants, pajama bottoms, or a weird pattern—the weirder the better. This holiday originates from the UK, where the wrong pants are used to gather public donations for children’s hospitals and hospices.


The holiday was first held in 1997 to support sick children by collecting donations for the Bristol Children’s Hospital. It was organized by The Grand Appeal Charitable Foundation and Aardman Animations, which created the series Wallace and Gromit. Before that, in 1993, an animated film called The Wrong Pants appeared, the plot of which was a penguin villain using robotic pants to steal diamonds. The Foundation, inspired by the film, suggested naming the holiday Wrong Trousers Day.

Although initially fundraising for a single hospital, the movement has expanded to support hospitals and hospices across the UK. It acquired the status of a national holiday in 2003, and by that time, it had managed to collect about a million pounds in donations.

Interesting facts

  • The Wrong Pants won an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film;
  • Participants are encouraged to wear the wrong trousers to work or school and pay £1 to a charity;
  • Today, the national day is celebrated in Birmingham, Cambridge, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Oxford, Newcastle, and Nottingham.

How to take part

You can celebrate National Wrong Trousers Day by wearing unusual trousers to work or school. A custom outfit is a great opportunity to take a cheerful photo for social networks using the #WrongTrousersDay hashtag. Also, together with friends or family, you can organize a viewing of the animated film The Wrong Pants, which was the source of inspiration for creating this holiday. And, of course, on this day it is advisable to make a donation to the local hospice or children’s hospital.

When is National Wrong Trousers Day celebrated in 2023?

National Wrong Trousers Day is observed on July 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday July 1 2023
Monday July 1 2024
Tuesday July 1 2025
Wednesday July 1 2026