Hop A Park Day - July
Sat, Jul 1, 2023

Hop A Park Day

On July 2, in honor of the national day Hop A Park Day, you can go relax in the parks of your city. Various events are organized in large parks, ranging from barbecues to sports competitions. During Hop A Park Day, you can escape from everyday worries, abandon technology, and instead enjoy the greenery of parks and outdoor recreation.


Green spaces in cities with a place for recreation were specially created so people could break out of their routine at any time and recuperate in nature. It is known that in the United States, they already ennobled city streets with large green spaces in the 1600s. Most parks also have fountains, playgrounds, sports play areas, bike paths, and even ponds for swimming or paddling. Here, the family can have a fun picnic day, because there are benches, tables, or gazebos.

Interesting facts

  • In the Middle Ages in England, they already began building parks, but they were intended for deer hunting;
  • One of the most famous city parks, Boston Commons, was built in 1634;
  • The first American public park, Yellowstone National Park, was created in 1872 and used only for recreational purposes;
  • In 1974, the Northeast National Park was founded in Greenland, which is considered the largest in the world.

How to take part

The most obvious way to celebrate Hop A Park Day is to visit your favorite park to soak up the greenery and relax. On this day, you can go on a picnic to enjoy delicious food in the shade of trees. At the same time, it is advisable to leave mobile gadgets at home, so that nothing interferes with your reunion with mother nature.

When is Hop A Park Day celebrated in 2023?

Hop A Park Day is observed on the first Saturday of July each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday July 1 2023
Saturday July 6 2024
Saturday July 5 2025
Saturday July 4 2026