Paper Bag Day - July 12
Wed, Jul 12, 2023

Paper Bag Day

Have you ever thought about a simple thing like a paper bag – who invented it, how long ago? And yet, every year, several tens of millions of them are used around the world. Of course, this invention deserves its own holiday. Paper Bag Day is celebrated annually on July 12th. It is a popular way to wrap dinners, gifts, book covers, and a variety of creative projects.

The History

The paper bag first appeared in the 19th century, a simple but very useful invention. This is probably why it is popular even today. It was invented by Francis Wallet, an American inventor who invented the paper bag making machine in 1852. The date of the holiday is not the same as when the patent was issued. Wallet obtained a patent for his invention 7 years later – on July 12, 1859. The machine cut the paper in a special way, then it was folded to form a package. The main mission of the holiday is to draw attention to environmental issues and offer the world an excellent alternative to plastic bags.

Interesting Facts

  • Francis Wallet, after obtaining a patent for his machine, opened the Union Bag and Paper Company with his brother. The plant has become a local landmark and is still operating today.
  • A little later, in 1871, Margaret E. Knight optimized Wallet’s invention by inventing a machine that folded paper into a bag with a flat bottom. The result was the template for modern paper bags.
  • 12 years later, in 1883, another inventor added corrugated sides to the bag – this greatly simplified the process of folding and storing the bag.
  • In 1912, a cord was added to serve as handles.

How to take part

The options for celebrating Paper Bag Day are endless. It is time to abandon plastic bags and switch to ones. Read on the Internet about environmental issues. Be sure to talk about the holiday on social networks, using the hashtag #PaperBagDay.

When is Paper Bag Day celebrated in 2023?

Paper Bag Day is observed on July 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 12 2023
Friday July 12 2024
Saturday July 12 2025
Sunday July 12 2026

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