I Forgot Day - July 2
Tue, Jul 2, 2024

I Forgot Day

Forgetful people can celebrate I Forgot Day on July 2. This unofficial holiday exists specifically for the forgetful and inattentive to apologize to their loved ones for all the times they forgot the dates of events and other important things. On this day, you can try to overcome your forgetfulness or warn others about it.


The founder of this unusual holiday was Gay Anderson from Indiana. There was a period in her life when she could not remember even the simplest things. Among close people and family, she was known for forgetting her daughter’s birth date and her own wedding anniversary every year. In order not to worry about her own forgetfulness, Anderson created this day. By the way, on July 2, she began to celebrate her daughter’s birthday and wedding anniversary.

The most common causes of forgetfulness are stress, sedentary lifestyle, illness, anxiety, unhealthy diet, and other factors.

Interesting Facts

  • Matthew Perry, who played Chandler in Friends, suffers from forgetfulness – he does not remember that he starred in the first three seasons of the sitcom, which he admitted in 2002;
  • Actor Jack Black in 2019 said he forgot he starred in the Christmas movie Holiday;
  • Scientists and studies say forgetfulness does not always indicate oncoming Alzheimer’s disease. While forgetting things is not harmful to health most of the time, it should not be ignored.

How to Take Part

I Forgot Day is a great opportunity to apologize to your loved ones for your inattention, but it is also important to analyze the reasons behind memory loss. For some, lists and reminders on the phone help to cope with bad memory; others keep event logs and use notes with a list of things to remember. Also, thanks to I Forgot Day, people with memory problems can stop feeling guilty about their mistakes, because it is absolutely normal.

When is I Forgot Day celebrated in 2024?

I Forgot Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday July 2 2024
Wednesday July 2 2025
Thursday July 2 2026
Friday July 2 2027
Sunday July 2 2028
Monday July 2 2029