National Eat Your Jello Day - July 12
Wed, Jul 12, 2023

National Eat Your Jello Day

Jelly is a favorite dessert of many. It comes in different flavors, so it is not surprising that a holiday was established in its honor. National Eat Your Jello Day is celebrated annually on July 12th. Jelly appeared for the first time in 1897 in New York. Today, it comes in different colors and flavors. The best way to celebrate National Eat Your Jello Day is to share your favorite jello with friends.

The History

Although the nutritional value of gelatin has been known since the 1800s, the first company to make jelly, Jell-O, was incorporated in 1897. The company immediately offered jelly with different flavors to the discerning public. It is noteworthy that the lime flavored variant appeared a little later, in 1930, and still remains one of the most popular. In the middle of the last century, American musician Tom Lehrer suggested some original ideas for jelly – add a little vodka or rum. In 2001, Utah passed a rather unusual law that officially recognized Jell-O ice cream as the state snack.

Interesting Facts

  • Nearly 200 million people have eaten Jell-O by early 2022.
  • The beauty of this dessert lies in the fact that it can be prepared in completely different shapes, colors, and tastes. You can add fresh fruits, nuts, berries, and even alcohol.
  • Gelatin is not only tasty, but healthy. It contains a lot of protein and collagen, which is necessary for bones, hair, nails, and skin. And another big plus is that gelatin is low in calories – even those who are on a diet can eat it.
  • Jelly is an incredibly fun dessert; make it with children or friends. Choose your favorite flavors and colors, in different shapes.

How to take part

Prepare your own jelly; there are instructions on each package, just follow it, and for more fun, buy some molds. Eat jelly with friends, relatives, or neighbors. Arrange a multi-colored party! Few people know that Jell-O powder can be used in completely different ways, such as making lip gloss or plasticine for a child.

When is National Eat Your Jello Day celebrated in 2023?

National Eat Your Jello Day is observed on July 12 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 12 2023
Friday July 12 2024
Saturday July 12 2025
Sunday July 12 2026

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