World UFO Day
Tue, Jul 2, 2024

World UFO Day

In an effort to explore the unknown and unravel the universe’s greatest mysteries, we celebrate World UFO Day. Official science has yet to provide clear answers about the existence of life on other planets or in other galaxies.


In the middle of the XX century, evidence of extraterrestrials began to appear in different parts of the world. Mysterious aerial objects, mysterious glows in the sky, spherical signs, these phenomena attracted the scientific community and amazed the inhabitants. The lucky ones managed to capture these objects on film. These proofs became the subject of close study. However, skeptics do not allow us to draw unambiguous conclusions. This National Day is used as an occasion to inform people and provide an opportunity to form an opinion based on facts.

Interesting Facts

The term appeared in 1952. It was created by an officer of the American armed forces, Edward Ruppelt.

  • UFO research is seen as a challenge that humanity throws at its own ideas and capabilities.
  • The main event in the medieval period occurred in Nuremberg, when a flying object of unknown properties and origin was discovered and recorded in the sky.
  • Scientists believe an encounter with aliens can develop into two scenarios. They will either enslave humanity by showing aggression and destroying any resistance. The second option is termed the ‘helping hand’, where the extraterrestrials help us progress.

In 1947, details of an unidentified object were discovered in New Mexico controlled by aliens from other worlds.

How to take part

Watch the X-Factor series, where Fox Mulder and his brave sidekick encounter anomalous phenomena indicating the invasion of alien creatures. This is an outstanding television project that has left many questions and formed an army of devoted fans. Make your conclusion after reading a scientific and journalistic article on the topic. Share strange stories from your encounters with the inexplicable. Discuss the facts in a discussion club. If there is enough material, create your own written work and publish it on a blog.

When is World UFO Day Celebrated in 2024?

World UFO Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday July 2 2024
Wednesday July 2 2025
Thursday July 2 2026
Friday July 2 2027
Sunday July 2 2028
Monday July 2 2029
Tuesday July 2 2030

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