Barbershop Music Appreciation Day - July 13
Sat, Jul 13, 2024

Barbershop Music Appreciation Day

If you hear a lot of beautiful voices sounding in unison, it’s July 13th and Barbershop Music Appreciation Day. This is a special day in the world of music and hairdressing when people of different ages and nationalities gather to perform at various events. Barbershop Music Appreciation Day is a celebration of nostalgia, authenticity, and the beauty of a cappella music.

The History

According to one version, music for barbershops first appeared in the 17th century in England. Hairdressers were a favorite place for men; people came here not only to clean themselves up but also to relax and chat with friends. Unsurprisingly, it was in these barbershops that a special genre of music appeared – amateur instrumental music, as Samuel Pepys, a naval officer, called it. By the middle of the 19th century, this music had spread to America, where it also became popular due to African American culture. This music reached its absolute peak of popularity only by the middle of the 20th century.

Interesting Facts

  • In America, there is an official organization that performs songs for barbershops, and it consists of only men – the Society for the Preservation and Encouragement of Barber Shop Quartet Singing in America (SPEBSQSA).
  • A distinctive feature of barbershop songs is that they were sung and continue to be sung only by a quartet.
  • Today, the style of barbershop music consists of completely different melodies and genres, including modern trends, even rock. This genre diversity attracts a younger audience.
  • Founded in 1945, Sweet Adelines is a worldwide organization with more than 20,000 singers who promote the art of barbershop music. To this end, the members of this organization hold concerts and educational events.
  • The traditional costume associated with this style of music is a striped jacket, a straw hat, and an important attribute – a huge mustache.

How to Take Part

Sing! This is the best way to celebrate Barbershop Music Appreciation Day, whether you can sing or not. Read about the history of the holiday and this style of music. Watch Sweet Adelines perform. Chat with barbers who are familiar with this musical direction firsthand. Talk about the holiday on social networks, introducing people to this holiday.

When is Barbershop Music Appreciation Day celebrated in 2024?

Barbershop Music Appreciation Day is observed on July 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday July 13 2024
Sunday July 13 2025
Monday July 13 2026
Tuesday July 13 2027
Thursday July 13 2028
Friday July 13 2029