Cousins Day - July 24
Wed, Jul 24, 2024

Cousins Day

Cousins ​​Day is celebrated on July 24 every year, and is a great occasion to notice our cousins. They are our best friends or those with whom we are always in competition. With them around, any family lunch or dinner turns into a fun event. If you have cousins, be sure to send them congratulations.

The History

There is no exact information about who and when Cousins ​​Day started. According to statistics, it is cousins ​​who unite American families; they become the guardians of family ties. Even if the family does not have a tradition of getting together, cousins ​​maintain relationships, communicate, and they have common memories they discuss with pleasure. Psychologists note cousins ​​are more likely to become close friends than siblings.

Interesting Facts

  • In America, there is an ambiguous interpretation of the law on marriages between cousins. Marriage between cousins is prohibited in 24 states, 19 other states have no such prohibition, and in 4 more states it is allowed, but certain circumstances.
  • The most famous cousins ​​are Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, Prince Philip. They are direct descendants of Queen Victoria.
  • Did you know Nicolas Cage and Sofia Coppola are cousins? At birth, the famous actor was named Nicolas Kim Coppola, but later he changed it in honor of a hero from the Marvel universe – Luke Cage.

How to take part

Be sure to watch some old movies about cousin relationships. Spend time with your cousins, and if they live far away, chat on social networks or with modern technology.

When is Cousins Day Celebrated in 2024?

Cousins Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 24th each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday July 24 2024
Thursday July 24 2025
Friday July 24 2026

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