National Meteor Day - June 30
Sun, Jun 30, 2024

National Meteor Day

Modern films frighten and fascinate us with the prospect of the Earth being hit by celestial objects. Discover reliable information about astronomical mysteries on National Meteor Day on June 30. Do you know there is a huge fundamental difference between meteors and meteorites?


The International Astronomical Union gave a specific definition of a meteor in 1961, calling it an object moving in outer space and possessing a solid, tangible structure. Scientists studied these subjects in detail as technology progressed sufficiently. However, the basic knowledge of astronomy was formed in ancient civilizations and is based on observation.

Interesting Facts

Meteors have been in the galaxy for millions of years and move at great speed along a certain trajectory before entering the atmosphere and falling to the surface of the Earth under the influence of gravity.

  1. Meteors are also called space rocks.
  2. In 1920, the largest meteorite that landed on the African continent was discovered. The object weighed 60 tons. Metal and iron particles were found in its composition.
  3. In the first half of the 19th century, a storm was observed in the United States, created by the simultaneous movement of thousands of meteors.

There are cases when meteors falling to Earth cause the destruction of houses, injuries, and death.

How to Take Part

Get to know the romantic sides of the holiday and, after dark, get on your roof to watch the stars. Invite a pleasant companion. This evening will be unforgettable. It is best to go out of town, where the sky is cleaner and clearer. Lay a blanket on your car, open a bottle of wine, and enjoy the unsurpassed beauty of the night. Make a wish if you see a shooting star. Create a video. If you manage to witness the fall of a meteor, it will leave a noticeable bright trace!

When is National Meteor Day celebrated in 2024?

National Meteor Day is observed on June 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday June 30 2024
Monday June 30 2025
Tuesday June 30 2026
Wednesday June 30 2027
Friday June 30 2028
Saturday June 30 2029

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