World Population Day - July 11
Tue, Jul 11, 2023

World Population Day

World Population Day is celebrated every year on July 11 at the initiative of the United Nations. The purpose of this holiday is to draw the attention to the problem of overpopulation. The rate of population growth threatens the comfortable existence of humanity on this planet. Our task is to find ways to cope with these birth rates, but without people suffering and damaging the Earth.

The History

On July 11, 1987, the world population reached 5 billion. Since then, the number of people living on the planet has increased by 2 billion. The pace is staggering, and most importantly, the topic of population covers vast territories, touches on issues of gender equality, environmental impact, family planning, and human rights. World Population Day was established by the UN in 1989. This organization was inspired by the unanimity with which people around the world celebrated humanity reaching the five billion mark in 1987. Since then, July 11, by decision of the UN General Assembly (Resolution 45), is World Population Day.

Interesting Facts

  • World Population Day is a special date when everyone must think about how population growth affects the rate of resource depletion.
  • The holiday emphasizes the importance of family planning and maternal health.
  • July 11 draws attention to monstrous phenomena such as human trafficking and child labor.
  • Every year, 83 million people are born on Earth. It is noteworthy that the population of Africa is increasing, while that of Europe is declining.
  • The most densely populated place on the planet is Monaco, with about 69,000 people per square mile.
  • Life expectancy is also increasing – in 2000 it was 67 years, and in 2020, 72 years.

How to take part

Start with yourself – educate yourself, read about the problems of overpopulation, study the UN research in this area (a special Fund has been created for this). Share the data on social networks, encourage readers and subscribers to think about the problem and how they can help. Don’t forget the hashtag #worldpopulationday.

Consider donating to organizations that work on population issues. There are a huge number of foundations and organizations around the world that work in developing countries, for example, teaching women about contraception, family planning, helping people overcome poverty, as well as helping refugees. Find an opportunity to donate money or time to these important structures.

When is World Population Day celebrated in 2023?

World Population Day is observed on July 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday July 11 2023
Thursday July 11 2024
Friday July 11 2025
Saturday July 11 2026

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