National Swimming Pool Day - July 11
Tue, Jul 11, 2023

National Swimming Pool Day

A great reason to buy a pool membership or just go for a swim is National Swimming Pool Day, which is celebrated on July 11th. On this day, we talk not only about pools but also about all water-related accessories,. Swimming is not only exciting and fun but also useful.

The History

There is no reliable information about who and when this holiday started. But on the Internet, there is enough information about who invented the first pool. Archaeologists have discovered a pool-like structure in present-day Pakistan. According to scientists, it was invented around 3000 BC. This is an 897 square feet recess, lined with bricks, and a special resin-like sealant. During the heyday of the Roman Empire, pools were used for water games, and training for the military and athletes. Wealthy Romans and emperors had private pools. It is noteworthy that the first heated swimming pool was already built in 100 BC. It is an invention is worthy of devoting a whole day to it in the holiday calendar.

Interesting Facts

  • By the beginning of the 19th century, swimming pools gained popularity in Great Britain. The first indoor water complex with springboards appeared in 1837 in Maidstone, Kent. It was here people often drowned in the river, so the pool was built and opened to teach the inhabitants how to swim.
  • The oldest pool in the United States is called Underwood Pool, in Belmont, Massachusetts, but home pools in America appeared only after the Second World War. Today, there are about 10.5 million swimming pools in private homes in the country.
  • The country holding the record for the number of pools per capita is New Zealand.

How to take part

The most obvious thing is to take a dip in the pool. What could be more enjoyable than jumping into cool water from a springboard in hot weather? Organize a pool party with your favorite drinks and treats. Of course, more exotic options are also possible. For example, visit a spa, relax in hot springs, or find a luxury hotel where you can combine swimming in the pool and a photo shoot for your social network page. Families with children will be interested in visiting the nearest water park and having plenty of fun.

When is National Swimming Pool Day celebrated in 2023?

National Swimming Pool Day is observed on July 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday July 11 2023
Thursday July 11 2024
Friday July 11 2025
Saturday July 11 2026