Day of the Flemish Community - July 11
Tue, Jul 11, 2023

Day of the Flemish Community

Day of the Flemish Community is an important event that changed the course of history and is celebrated every year on July 11th. The mission of the holiday is to remember the Battle of Courtrai, which is also known as the Battle of the Golden Spurs. On this day, a large-scale, spectacular festival is held on Monnet Square in Brussels, as well as at the Grand Palace. The festival is accompanied by live music, children’s activities, and educational events. All this makes it possible to celebrate the historic victory of the Flemish in 1302 in an exciting and unforgettable way.

The History

The Day of the Flemish Community has a heroic history and deep roots. In 1302, the Flemish of Bruges revolted against the monarch of France, Philip IV. In response to their attack on the governors of Flanders, the king sent an impressive army of 2.5 thousand knights and 5 thousand foot soldiers. The two armies met in an open field near the city of Courtrai. The outcome of the battle seemed to be a foregone conclusion – the Flemish had no chance: they outnumbered the soldiers, but they lacked professional training. However, the Flemish community was victorious, routing the commander of the French army. Thus, the Day of the Flemish Community recalls the crushing victory of the Flemish over the French.

Interesting Facts

  • From every killed soldier, the townspeople removed the golden spurs; at least a thousand spurs were collected, which is why the battle is known as the Battle of the Golden Spurs.
  • Flemish art is one of the most popular in the world.
  • It is in Flanders that the world’s longest tram line (42 miles) runs.
  • Flanders has the highest density of catering establishments in the world, including 93 Michelin-starred restaurants.
  • Belgium annually brews about 1,600 flavored beers, and local culinary specialists are master chocolatiers; unsurprisingly, Brussels is considered the birthplace of high-grade chocolate.

How to take part

Day of the Flemish Community is a great way to plunge into the world of Flemish art – enjoy painting or listen to music. It is also a good time to try Belgian cuisine. If you get the chance, visit Brussels and take part in the festival. Take a bike and pedal around the city.

When is Day of the Flemish Community celebrated in 2023?

Day of the Flemish Community is observed on July 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday July 11 2023
Thursday July 11 2024
Friday July 11 2025
Saturday July 11 2026

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