National Kitten Day - July 10
Mon, Jul 10, 2023

National Kitten Day

July 10 is National Kitten Day. Little kittens have long and easily won the hearts of millions of people. They have been beloved pets for thousands of years, but on this day, it is important to remember many of them are abandoned on the streets or in shelters. Remember the importance of spaying cats, which is vital for their health and to reduce the number of stray animals.


The holiday was founded by pet and family lifestyle expert Colleen Paige. National Kitten Day is designed to encourage the adoption of kittens from shelters and to celebrate the joy kittens bring to our lives. According to scientists, cats have been living with people for more than 12 thousand years, but they were domesticated about 8 thousand years ago. Videos of little kittens are touching Internet users, but despite this, they continue to be abandoned on the side of the road, in the wild, or left on the doorsteps of shelters. Most often this happens because an unneutered domestic cat ‘suddenly’ gives birth, and her owners are not ready to take responsibility. So that newborn kittens are not destitute, it is better to take care of the sterilization of the cat in advance, before letting it out into the street.

Interesting facts

  • 9000-4000 BC saw African wild cats enter the dwellings of people living in ancient Egypt to search for food;
  • Domestic cats were secretly sold around the world from 1000 BC;
  • In 1914-1918, cats performed an important mission during the First World War;
  • The Cats Protection organization was formed in 1927 to educate people on proper cat care.

How to take part

The best celebration of National Kitten Day would be to adopt a kitten from a shelter, but you should not do this spontaneously without thinking it through. Kittens are not only fun and joy, but also a great responsibility. You can volunteer to help kittens at the ASPCA; it is through contact with people that stray animals become suitable for adoption.

When is National Kitten Day celebrated in 2023?

National Kitten Day is observed on July 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday July 10 2023
Wednesday July 10 2024
Thursday July 10 2025
Friday July 10 2026

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