Bastille Day - July 14
Fri, Jul 14, 2023

Bastille Day

Bastille Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the overthrow of the centuries-old French monarchy, symbolized by the assault on the Bastille. It served as a prison for political prisoners for many decades. The joyful event took place on July 14, and since then, every year many countries in the world celebrate it with fireworks, parties, and other festive events.

The History

Bastille Day reflects the essence of the event that took place in 1789. The French revolutionaries boldly broke into the fortress; this was the turning point of the revolution. In 1790, the world celebrated the fall of the Bastille and the overthrow of the monarchy for the first time.

Interesting Facts

  • Initially, the Bastille was built as a defensive fortress, but after a while, political prisoners who did not have the right to trial, and even to appeal, were sent there.
  • The storming of the Bastille was the signal for beginning the revolution and the overthrow of the Bourbon monarchy. During the assault, all the prisoners were released.
  • The motto of the holiday is ‘Long live July 14!’ This date is celebrated not only in France but also in former French colonies, as well as states friendly to France. For example, in French Polynesia, the holiday is part of the national culture.
  • The Bastille parade is the oldest and largest military event since 1880 ever held on the Champs-Élysées. Only 90 years later, the holiday received national status.

How to take part

In America, more than 50 cities celebrate this day, so just join the celebrations. They are held in New York, New Orleans, and Milwaukee. Read books and watch movies about the storming of the Bastille – this was a very dramatic and exciting stage in the history of France. Organize your own French-themed party; carefully study what the French drink and eat in hot weather, so you know what to treat your guests.

When is Bastille Day celebrated in 2023?

Bastille Day is observed on July 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday July 14 2023
Sunday July 14 2024
Monday July 14 2025
Tuesday July 14 2026

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