World Day for International Justice - July 17
Mon, Jul 17, 2023

World Day for International Justice

World Day for International Justice confirms that international courts and international tribunals are working, considering the most serious and terrible crimes against humanity, including war crimes. In addition, every year on July 17, the adoption of the Rome Statute is also celebrated.

The History

Unfortunately, there are terrible pages in the history of mankind, when monstrous crimes were committed during the war years. The world needed an international system of justice, resulting in the Nuremberg Trials, which became an important stage in the creation of an international court. After World War II, 13 court hearings were held in Nuremberg, during which war criminals, including politicians, industrialists, doctors, and lawyers, were brought to justice.

Another significant trial took place at the same time, preserved in history as the Tokyo Tribunal, which condemned Japanese leaders for starting hostilities. The Rome Statute was adopted by 120 countries in 2002, resulting in the International Criminal Court.

Interesting Facts

  • The International Criminal Court is constantly active and engaged in investigating the most terrible crimes, as well as prosecuting those accused.
  • The International Criminal Court is not an analogue and does not replace national courts.
  • The celebration date was established in 2010 at the Rome Statute Conference, held in Uganda. It was decided to celebrate World Day for International Justice every year.
  • The International Criminal Court has 6 official languages, is headquartered in The Hague, and has prosecuted over 200 cases of the most heinous crimes.

How to take part

Pay tribute to those who died in horrific crimes. Learn as much as you can about them, as well as those who are fighting for justice. Write on social networks, talk about the efforts people make to find and punish criminals. If possible, attend events held in honor of the holiday and in support of the International Criminal Court.

When is World Day for International Justice celebrated in 2023?

World Day for International Justice is observed on July 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday July 17 2023
Wednesday July 17 2024
Thursday July 17 2025
Friday July 17 2026

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