National Sock Day - December 4
Mon, Dec 4, 2023

National Sock Day

National Sock Day is celebrated in America on December 4th, and is dedicated to the humble yet vital things that keep our feet warm on chilly days! Throughout its existence, socks have collected many anecdotes, including jokes about their mysterious disappearances after washing. So, today is the perfect day to take apart the socks and pair them up!


The history of socks can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where they were made from thin leather and resembled short boots. At that time, only ladies wore them in public, while men bypassed them as they were considered too feminine. The Romans adopted this idea, and by the 4th century, Catholic priests were wearing them. Knitted socks emerged in the 16th century in Spain, and during the First World War, their length was minimized due to a shortage of resources. Nowadays, there is a huge range of sock varieties, from stockings to sports and classic.

Interesting facts

Here are some facts about socks that you may not have known:

  • In France, coffee is said to be poorly brewed with the expression «jus de chaussette», which means «juice from socks».
  • People who are fond of deciphering dreams believe that socks dream of traveling.
  • The shade of the socks should match the color of the trousers, not the shoes.
  • In the 10th century, socks were a symbol of luxury and high status.
  • Albert Einstein supposedly hated socks – he refused to wear them, citing their tendency to chafe.
  • China produces about 40% of the world’s socks.
  • More than half of teenagers go with different pairs due to constant losses.

How to take part

On National Sock Day, why not go to the store and buy a pair of new socks? Refresh your wardrobe and make a gift to a loved one – choose their favorite colors and shapes.

When is National Sock Day celebrated in 2023?

National Sock Day is observed on December 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday December 4 2023
Wednesday December 4 2024
Thursday December 4 2025
Friday December 4 2026