National Nude Day - July 14
Fri, Jul 14, 2023

National Nude Day

National Nude Day is a holiday celebrated on July 14 in many countries around the world. On this day, everyone is invited to get rid of their clothes, feel free and light and cool off on a hot summer day. Many on this day change their habits, remembering how much they are connected with nature. The event originated in New Zealand and quickly spread around the world. Now it is celebrated on almost all continents.

The History

The holiday began as a funny joke, when on one of the shows in New Zealand, a well-known TV presenter, as well as athlete, Mark Ellis, called on the audience to run naked in front of the country’s prime minister. Since then, the idea has become widespread, with viewers regularly submitting numerous nude photos of themselves to the show. The action on television continued until 2009, and then continued on the Internet. Since then National Nude Day has been celebrated annually on July 14th.

Interesting Facts

  • Celebrations are held in more than 30 countries.
  • Millions of nudists believe the human body is especially attractive when naked. Of course, many in society do not approve of this.
  • Doctors note the undeniable health benefits of a naked body. For example, walking barefoot on the ground or grass prevents the development of Alzheimer’s disease. Exposure to sunlight helps vitamin D to accumulate in the body. The larger the area exposed, the greater the amount of the vitamin.
  • Tight clothing slows blood circulation and is another argument in favor of nudists.
  • Clothing appeared when people became less hairy. People needed to keep warm or escape from insects.
  • The first clothes appeared about 83 thousand years ago in Africa, where it became necessary to protect themselves from the scorching sun.

How to take part

If you feel brave enough, celebrate the holiday without clothes, of course, within the bounds of decency and the law. Remember that in many public places, appearing naked will result in a fine or even arrest. Therefore, the best way is to spend the day at your own house or visit a nudist beach. Here, you will find like-minded people and feel relaxed. If you want to spread the word on social media, use the hashtag #NationalNudeDay.

When is National Nude Day celebrated in 2023?

National Nude Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 14th each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday July 14 2023
Sunday July 14 2024
Monday July 14 2025
Tuesday July 14 2026

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