National 401(k) Day - September
Fri, Sep 6, 2024

National 401(k) Day

National 401(k) Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday after Labor Day. This day is set aside to encourage individuals to review their retirement savings and ensure they are on track for a worry-free retirement. Interestingly, while 79% of Americans are employed by organizations that offer a 401(k) plan, only 41% take advantage of this opportunity.


National 401(k) Day was first celebrated in 1996, initiated by the Profit Sharing/401k Council of America. The date was chosen symbolically—the Friday after Labor Day—where Monday represents the beginning of a career and Friday symbolizes its culmination. This holiday emphasizes the mutual benefits for employers to provide access to the 401(k) plan and for employees to utilize its features.

How to use the 401(k) plan

  • Begin making contributions early, even if you’re as young as 20.
  • Take advantage of employer matching, which can be up to 50% of each contribution, to maximize savings.
  • Choose investments that best suit your financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • Avoid early withdrawals to prevent penalties and additional taxes.
  • Regularly monitor and adjust your savings strategy to ensure it aligns with your retirement goals.

How to take part

Educate yourself about the 401(k) plan and how it can aid your retirement savings. If your employer does not offer a 401(k), consult with a financial advisor to explore alternatives. Participate in educational seminars or webinars on retirement planning. Use retirement calculators to project your savings and adjust your contributions accordingly.

When is National 401(k) Day celebrated in 2023?

National 401(k) Day is observed on the Friday after Labor Day each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 6 2024
Friday September 5 2025
Friday September 11 2026
Friday September 10 2027
Friday September 8 2028
Friday September 7 2029

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