National Dollar Day - August 8
Tue, Aug 8, 2023

National Dollar Day

National Dollar Day is dedicated to the US monetary system in general and the one-dollar bill in particular. The dollar is a respected currency around the world, so it certainly deserves its own holiday. Our money is part of our culture and history, so it should be treated accordingly.


It is not known who founded National Dollar Day and what motived them. However, the choice of date is obvious – August 8, 1786 was the beginning of the US monetary system.

The current dollar bill has retained its design for over fifty years. There are many interesting images on it: for example, an eagle, symbolizing war and peace, as well as a pyramid, the delimited top of which symbolizes the continuous growth and expansion of the state.

Interesting facts

  • The paper from which the dollar bill is made consists of a mixture of cotton and linen fibers.
  • The dollar is accepted in more than sixty countries.
  • In 1794, the first one-dollar coin was minted.

How to take part

The best way to celebrate a holiday is to find the worthiest use of a dollar bill. Perhaps for you this is very little money, but the ability to manage finances is manifested, among other things, in the talent to use even the most meager amounts.

Spend a dollar on a good cause, like buying a healthy treat for an animal from a shelter. Start collecting money for your cherished dream: save a dollar a day, and you will be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Use the holiday to improve your financial literacy. Read about the economy and make a budget.

When is National Dollar Day celebrated in 2023?

National Dollar Day is observed on August 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday August 8 2023
Thursday August 8 2024
Friday August 8 2025
Saturday August 8 2026

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