National Financial Awareness Day - August 14
Wed, Aug 14, 2024

National Financial Awareness Day

Are you considered a financially literate person? National Financial Awareness Day is specially created for everyone to learn how to properly manage their budget. Studies show people make rash decisions with money and get deep into debt. Do you want this not to happen? Find out more about this holiday

The History

National Financial Awareness Day is a reminder to take investment and savings seriously. We do not know the founder of the holiday, but he definitely wanted to convey that waste is not a man’s best friend.

Everyone is able to learn the main financial principles, but this is not enough; it is important to put it them into practice. It is worth introducing some habits that bring benefits.

There is an expression “Why work for your money when you can make it work for you?”. With financial knowledge, you can build a less bumpy path to wealth.

An equally interesting phrase is “Money can’t buy happiness”. It is hard to argue with that. But the lack of money will not bring anything positive.

Interesting facts

  • 20% of Americans have no savings;
  • 40% of young people do not repay their loans;
  • 8% of US residents believe they will never cope with debt;
  • 44% of people cannot pay for a $400 emergency;
  • Difficulties with money are the main cause of marital quarrels and divorces;
  • Isaac Newton lost a decent amount in a pyramid scheme.

How to take part

Do you have free funds? Invest it in a profitable business. It is important to study a lot of information or consult with a specialist, but the future result will definitely be worth it.

On National Financial Awareness Day, visit your nearest mint and learn a little more about banknotes.

Create a budget and write down all your expenses. To do this, you can use a regular notebook or a special application on your smartphone. You’d be surprised how much junk you buy!

When is National Financial Awareness Day celebrated in 2024?

National Financial Awareness Day is observed on August 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 14 2024
Thursday August 14 2025
Friday August 14 2026

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