Fashion Day - July 9
Sun, Jul 9, 2023

Fashion Day

On July 9, Fashion Day is celebrated by fashionistas who want to display their taste in clothes. Fashion has long been an integral part of American society, because it helps different cultures and people show their individuality. On this day, choose your best outfit, shoes, and accessories, but do not forget to compliment those around you on their style.


The first Fashion Day in America was celebrated in 2016, making it quite new to the US cultural calendar. However, this holiday has managed to become popular thanks to social networks, where people showcase their choice of fashionable clothes. This day as a whole can be seen as a public revolt against the current fashion trends in the world, which are established by large corporations and fashion houses. Fashion Day is popular among LGBTQ people who uphold the right to self-determination in their choice of clothes and makeup.

Interesting facts

  • In the 1850s, mass production of clothing began in the United States;
  • New York became the center of fashion in America in 1920, and the New York sewing district appeared;
  • The first New York Fashion Week took place in 1943;
  • Famous fashion designers emerged in the 1980s and shaped the fashion industry.

How to take part

You can celebrate Fashion Day by subscribing to the mailing list of one of the fashion magazines, because for the last hundred years, they have been a storehouse of ideas and useful information about style and fashion trends. Read informative articles, news, and interviews related to different brands. You can also review your own wardrobe and remove those things that no longer match your preferences. In addition, you can go to a clothing store or order clothes online for home delivery.

When is Fashion Day celebrated in 2023?

Fashion Day is observed on July 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday July 9 2023
Tuesday July 9 2024
Wednesday July 9 2025
Thursday July 9 2026

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