Take Your Pants For a Walk Day - July 27
Thu, Jul 27, 2023

Take Your Pants For a Walk Day

Take Your Pants For a Walk Day is celebrated on July 27th. It is dedicated to walks that can be arranged at any time. We’re only talking about outdoor walks; treadmills don’t count. The best way to join in is to get dressed and go for a walk. Visit your favorite park, walk the embankment, or just your favorite streets in the city. Experts claim walking is the safest sport, since it has no side effects, while being beneficial for the body.

The History

Walking has been an integral part of mankind since ancient times. However, rapidly advancing technology has greatly reduced how much people move in general and walk in particular. Lack of movement causes irreparable damage to the body. For example, daily walks are effective against diabetes; studies claim walking two hours a week decreases the death rate by 50%. Also, walking benefits the brain; psychologists say quiet walks heal the soul and relieve stress.

Interesting Facts

  • Hiking was often used to promote important public, social, and political causes. For example, the Women’s March was held in Washington in 2017, and the Gauka March was held in the same year.
  • Marches often prevented military conflicts. In 1968, the first charity march was held in America, organized by the Freedom from Hunger Foundation. More than 3 thousand people took part in the event.
  • The largest march, with 175 thousand participants, entered the Guinness Book of Records, and was held in the Philippines in 2014. The event was dedicated to raising funds for victims of Typhoon Yolanda.
  • At an average pace, an adult will walk a little more than three miles in an hour.
  • The longest walk belongs to George Meagan; he walked a little more than 19 thousand miles without stopping and it took him 2,400 days.

How to take part

Take a walk, and spend every free minute of your time on leisurely walking. It does not matter where you walk – streets, parks, river bank, or the seaside, hiking will benefit the body and improve your mood, filling you with energy. Invite your friends for a walk, organize a charity hike, and donate the collected funds to a charitable organization.

When is Take Your Pants For a Walk Day Celebrated in 2023?

Take Your Pants For a Walk Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 27th each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday July 27 2023
Saturday July 27 2024
Sunday July 27 2025
Monday July 27 2026