Ellis Island Day - January 1
Mon, Jan 1, 2024

Ellis Island Day

Ellis Island Day is dedicated to the place through which millions of immigrants have passed in search of a better life and a brighter future. Today it is a historical place that attracts tourists from all over the world! This is a real museum of migration, which makes an indelible impression on everyone who finds themselves here.


The island opened in 1892 and worked for 62 years. Before the migration point, pirate massacres reigned here, there was even a place of execution for crimes. After the 1760s, the sanctuary ceased to function and was sold to the merchant Samuel Ellis. The man was unable to give the island a “new life”, and his heirs later handed over the territories to the authorities.

The largest flow of immigrants occurred in 1900-1914, about 10 thousand people passed here every day, dreaming of freedom. Steamboats stopped at the entrance to New York Harbor. Different people came: rich, poor, families, singles, with or without children. Some of them were registered in a few minutes, others were waiting for weeks. As a rule, passengers of the 1st class did not encounter problems during the inspection, all the “surprises” went to the 3rd class.

In November 1954, the island closed the doors it had kept open for years. Later became a national heritage – which he really deserved. It now houses the Immigration Museum. The building, built in 1900, is perfectly preserved to this day.

Interesting facts


  • the thoroughness of the inspections depended on the wealth of the migrant;
  • initially the island was small – only 3,3 acres, then the territory was expanded to 27,5;
  • the island was merged with the Statue of Liberty in 1965 by presidential decree.

How to celebrate

The best way to celebrate Ellis Island Day is to visit the place and explore every corner of it. If this is not possible, watch documentaries or find interesting literature. Find out data on modern migration: population, impact on the economy, illegality. Tell your friends about the holiday and get their opinion.

When is Ellis Island Day Celebrated in 2024?

Ellis Island Day is dedicated to celebrating success. It has always been observed annually on January the 1st.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday January 1 2024
Wednesday January 1 2025
Thursday January 1 2026
Friday January 1 2027

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