National Color Day - October 22
Sun, Oct 22, 2023

National Color Day

National Color Day is celebrated on October 22nd in the United States. This is a vibrant holiday that celebrates the variety of colors surrounding us and their powerful effects on our lives. National Color Day began with a promotion by General Motors in celebration of the release of the new Chevrolet, and has since become an annual tradition.


We often talk about color in terms of aesthetics and personal preferences. Advertising campaigns take advantage of certain colors to influence us: the combination of red and yellow stimulates the brain, for example. Big restaurants like McDonald’s and KFC have capitalized on this fact. Colors that are considered annoying are never used in marketing.

Interesting facts

  • The color orange is named after oranges, and was formerly designated as yellowish red.
  • The most common marker color is yellow due to the fact that it leaves no traces when photocopied.
  • There are “impossible colors” that the human eye cannot distinguish.
  • Veins take on a blue tint due to subcutaneous fat, which only allows the blue spectrum to pass through.
  • Squids pick up camouflage when in danger, but are completely color blind.
  • Veterinarians claim that dogs see the world in black and white, but some studies have shown that they can actually perceive yellow, blue and green.

How to take part

Celebrate National Color Day by trying something new. Wear an unusual shade of clothing and see if it becomes a favorite. Engage in coloring or drawing, or mix paints to create new colors.

When is National Color Day celebrated in 2023?

National Color Day is observed on October 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 22 2023
Tuesday October 22 2024
Wednesday October 22 2025
Thursday October 22 2026

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