Navy Day - October 27
Thu, Oct 27, 2022

Navy Day

Navy Day is celebrated in America on October 27th. This is an important holiday for those who are part of the naval ranks! The date is also celebrated by people who do not belong to them, honoring the heroes of their country and saying words of gratitude for their service.


The holiday was first celebrated in 1922 at the initiative of the United States Naval League. The goal is to honor the work of sailors. Until 1949, bright events took place with the involvement of ships, feasts in ports. The year 1945 became especially memorable, when President Harry Truman came to personally see the fleet in New York Harbor.

In subsequent years, the date was moved to the third Saturday of May – the date became a common holiday for all the army, including the navy. But non-profit organizations continued to celebrate the day on October 27, despite the relevant decrees. A little later, historians intervened: they said that the real date of birth of the US Navy is October 13th. However, the starting date is too deeply embedded in the hearts of people.

Interesting facts

Amazing Moments:

  • the American fleet is the largest and most expensive in the world;
  • has the largest naval base;
  • when rolling on ships, they do not cover the tables with dry tablecloths – they are wetted so that they stick to the surface;
  • the first nautical chart was drawn up in the 2nd century BC. Therefore, for a long time, sailors did not know where they were going. Sometimes they released the bird and followed in the direction where it would fly.

How to celebrate

Thank the sailors! They are not always at home, but they endure separation from loved ones for the sake of protecting their homeland. Write a letter to the military or send an e-card. Make a delicious dinner and invite everyone involved in the holiday. Visit thematic museums and exhibitions in your city – there are a lot of interesting things concentrated in such places. Learn the “marine dialect” and special words used in the navy, and try to talk like this with your family.

When is Navy Day celebrated in 2022?

Navy Day is observed on October 27 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday October 27 2022
Friday October 27 2023
Sunday October 27 2024
Monday October 27 2025
Tuesday October 27 2026

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