National Nut Day - October 22
Sun, Oct 22, 2023

National Nut Day

National Nut Day is held in the USA on October 22nd—a delicious holiday that many are still unaware of! Use this day to learn interesting facts about nuts, try different types, and share your newfound knowledge with others.


National Nut Day was founded by Northern California catering company Liberation Foods in 2015, with the goal of highlighting the importance of nuts in everyday life, and to discuss the experience of growing them and the farmers who are engaged in this business. Additionally, Liberation Foods seeks to ensure a fair wage for those working in the nut industry.

Scientists believe that nuts were eaten almost 800 years ago. People improvised means or used massive stones to get rid of the shells. Traces of pecans were found in a Texas cave and were dated to 000 BC. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that nuts were gifts from the gods. Early Europeans feasted on pistachios, the British sailed the Mediterranean to sell their walnut crop, and in the 18th century, nuts were first brought to California.

Interesting facts

  • In California, there is one variety of nut that is not fit for consumption, but was formerly eaten by the Indians during times of famine.
  • Walnuts contain a high amount of antioxidants.
  • In ancient Babylon, commoners were forbidden from eating nuts because it was believed that they could make one wiser.
  • Eating nuts at night contributes to a sounder, more restful sleep.
  • The traditional musical instrument of Africa, the “ahoko,” is a stick made of wood with nuts tied to it.
  • Hazelnuts were used to make amulets to ward off dark forces.

How to take part

National Nut Day is the perfect time to create recipes that include nuts! Salads, meat dishes, desserts—get creative and find dishes that you want to cook. Don’t forget to treat your friends and neighbors, and learn more about the benefits of nuts—all information is available in the public domain.

When is National Nut Day celebrated in 2023?

National Nut Day is observed on October 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 22 2023
Tuesday October 22 2024
Wednesday October 22 2025
Thursday October 22 2026

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