International Caps Lock Day - October 22
Sat, Oct 22, 2022

International Caps Lock Day

International Caps Lock Day is an interesting holiday celebrated around the world on October 22nd. Everyone knows that this key capitalizes letters. Have you definitely come across situations when a message arrives with just such letters, what do you feel at that moment? We do not see the interlocutor on the other side of the screen, so it seems that he is dissatisfied with something or even shouts. The purpose of the holiday is to convey to people that it is simply indecent to write like that.


Founded by Derek Arnold in 2000. He, like many other Internet users, has repeatedly encountered annoying communication style. When messages arrive on Caps Lock, they are simply unbearable to read! The man wanted to ridicule everyone who uses the function unnecessarily, and bring order to the network. CAPITAL LETTERS look like an aggressive cry, associated with rage and anger. We do not see the sender, we cannot interpret his facial expressions, gestures …

Typewriters, which were the forerunners of computers, only printed in capital letters. In 1870, the Remington brand came up with a way to save on typing by creating upper and lower case. Fonts were switched using the Shift key.

Interesting facts


  • the most used keys are “T” and “E”;
  • according to statistics, 60% of texts are typed with the left hand – the right hand at this time is more focused on the mouse;
  • one of the most common failures is related to water – if liquid is spilled on the keyboard. In addition, experts find crumbs, dust and dirt in it;
  • in China, there are no hieroglyphs on the keyboard – only signs of phonetic writing and tones;
  • not so long ago, keyboards were created only for the left or right hand.

How to celebrate

Notice how often you use Caps Lock – perhaps you have already managed to offend someone? It’s time to apologize and never write in that font again. Tell your friends and family about the holiday, create memes on the topic and explain to everyone that it’s time to learn how to communicate politely!

When is International Caps Lock Day celebrated in 2022?

International Caps Lock Day is observed on October 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 22 2022
Sunday October 22 2023
Tuesday October 22 2024
Wednesday October 22 2025
Thursday October 22 2026