International Stuttering Awareness Day - October 22
Sun, Oct 22, 2023

International Stuttering Awareness Day

International Stuttering Awareness Day is celebrated annually on October 22. It is a day to recognize that stuttering is a problem not only for a person who has it, but for the entire society. People with stuttering are often subject to ridicule and hatred due to their impaired speech. It is important to emphasize that these breaks in speech do not make them less valid or abnormal – the world should not judge them for this.


In the 19th century, people with stuttering were treated terribly. Operations were performed in Europe to remove the tongue or part of it, as well as the tonsils, leading to a large number of deaths. Herbal remedies were also used, such as drinking liquid from the shell of snails. Superstitions said that the disease appeared due to excessive examination of one’s own reflection in the mirror. Today, there are special therapies that can help control speech, lips, and jaw movements. Drugs are sometimes prescribed, but their effect is very limited and the side effects are often too severe.

Stuttering has been studied since the 4th century BC. The ancient Greek statesman Demosthenes suffered from a stutter and was subject to ridicule from his peers. Despite this, he was a literate person and developed his own method of overcoming the defect. Demosthenes practiced speaking loudly and saw improvement over time.

Interesting facts

  • Logoneurosis appears most often in 2-5 year olds, as this is when speech development is at its most active.
  • Stuttering is more common among males than females.
  • Potential causes of stuttering can include an unfavorable course of pregnancy, complications during childbirth, and heredity.

How to take part

Learn about great people who have experienced stuttering. Some overcame the disease, while others lived with it throughout their life. All of them were literate and successful! Tell others that these people do not deserve to be treated badly. If you or someone you know stutters, it is important to seek professional advice and treatment.

When is International Stuttering Awareness Day celebrated in 2023?

International Stuttering Awareness Day is observed on October 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 22 2023
Tuesday October 22 2024
Wednesday October 22 2025
Thursday October 22 2026