Crowdfunding Day - March 14
Thu, Mar 14, 2024

Crowdfunding Day

Crowdfunding Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to crowdfunding. This practice has been known since the Middle Ages. It is celebrated on March 14. Allows you to learn more about the practice and bring it to the attention of others.


Crowdfunding represents the collective collection of money. Participants create a single monetary fund, which is used to achieve their own goals or has a charitable purpose. It can be used to help earthquake victims, medical research on rare diseases, drug development, and more.

The details of the creation of Crowdfunding Day are unknown. In all likelihood it was started by people practicing crowdfunding. The practice began as early as the 1400s. At that time, fundraising allowed for the organization of some risky business. Thanks to crowdfunding, Alexander Pope was able to finish his translation of the famous Iliad in 1715 and publish the poem.

The legendary Statue of Liberty in 1885 was also built with the help of crowdfunding. The state budget was insufficient and it was decided to organize a fundraising project to erect the monument, which was created by D. Pulitzer, the owner and editor of a local newspaper. Examples of crowdfunding abound.

Interesting facts

  • The first crowdfunding platform for music is considered Artist Share, created in late 2000. It was followed by many other platforms.
  • Today there are more than 700 crowdfunding platforms around the world.
  • The annual turnover in U.S. crowdfunding exceeds $17 billion.

How to celebrate

Join some crowdfunding platform that day by donating some money to a cause. Support aspiring musicians, help create a video game, or pay more attention to helping people or animals in need by raising funds for medical treatment or supporting environmental organizations.

Spread the word about Crowdfunding Day on social media. Ask other users if they have used crowdfunding platforms or if they were a donor participant.

When is Crowdfunding Day celebrated in 2024?

Crowdfunding Day is observed on March 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday March 14 2024
Friday March 14 2025