Bison-ten Yell Day - September 2
Mon, Sep 2, 2024

Bison-ten Yell Day

Bison-ten Yell Day, celebrated annually on September 2nd, is one of the more curious holidays with a playful twist on linguistics. It may seem like a whimsical day without much reason, but it has its quirky appeal, mainly due to the phonetic playfulness of its name, which sounds like “bicentennial” when repeated.


The holiday originated as a humorous celebration, but it also nods to historical forms of communication. The name “Bison-ten Yell” is believed to be a pun on “bicentennial,” yet the day also commemorates the invention of military signals, where each signal corresponded to a specific word, facilitating efficient communication. The “ten Yell” part likely refers to the original set of ten signals used in military communication.

Interesting Facts

  • The ‘V’ sign, signifying victory, became prominent during World War II.
  • The high five became popular in sports culture following a significant baseball game at Dodger Stadium in October 1977.
  • The fist bump began as a practical greeting among boxers, who adapted their greeting to accommodate their gloves.

How to take part

Celebrate Bison-ten Yell Day by creating your unique set of symbols or a secret code to communicate with friends. Watch a sports event and pay attention to the hand signals exchanged by athletes. Spread the word about this unusual holiday on social media, perhaps challenging others to decode or create playful messages.

When is Bison-ten Yell Day celebrated in 2024?

Bison-ten Yell Day is observed on September 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 2 2024
Tuesday September 2 2025
Wednesday September 2 2026
Thursday September 2 2027
Saturday September 2 2028
Sunday September 2 2029

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