World Octopus Day - October 8
Sat, Oct 8, 2022

World Octopus Day

World Octopus Day is dedicated to a unique sea creature with three hearts. He is smart, cunning, and quickly adapts to his environment by changing colors and textures. Many people know too little about him – let’s fix it on October 8th!


Sources claim that the holiday was founded in 2006 by The Octopus News Magazine Online. Since then, it has been celebrated annually around the world. There are many mysteries and mystical moments around the octopus – despite the fact that it has been studied, researchers still have questions.

Historians have confirmed that the marine inhabitant is the predecessor of dinosaurs. The found fossilized remains date back to 300 million years. It remains to be seen where they got their superpower for amazing survival. About 500 million neurons are concentrated in the brain and tentacles: thanks to these connections, octopuses learn from experience and solve problematic moments. Some of them are smart, according to studies in which a discarded coconut shell became their mobile home.

Octopuses are unlikely to keep you company at a party. A lonely life in shallow water or in the very depths suits them perfectly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t gather your friends and celebrate a holiday in honor of peculiar creatures!

Interesting facts

Amazing Moments You Didn’t Know:

  • the poison of an octopus with blue rings can kill a person – they are not so good-natured;
  • bored creatures often “chew” their own tentacles;
  • are the most intelligent invertebrates on earth and have the largest brain of the species;
  • the ink produced serves as a means of protection and masks the octopus;
  • a small species weighing almost 1 kg, the name “Octopus wolfi”.

How to celebrate

Learn more about creatures – watch documentaries, get to know their life, habitats, habits. It’s great if there is an opportunity to go to the aquarium and admire the octopus in person. Share useful information with others on social networks.

When is World Octopus Day celebrated in 2022?

World Octopus Day is observed on October 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday October 8 2022
Sunday October 8 2023
Tuesday October 8 2024
Wednesday October 8 2025
Thursday October 8 2026

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