World Lion Day - August 10
Thu, Aug 10, 2023

World Lion Day

World Lion Day was created to draw attention to lions facing extinction. Their population is decreasing year by year.


World Lion Day was created in 2013. It was started by conservationists. By this time, it became clear the lion population needed to be saved: if no action was taken, it would continue to decline, and would end in extinction. Human intervention and ecosystem change have put wild cats in danger.

Now the world community is closely following the life of lions, trying to help them. Every year on August 10, events are held to inform people and prevent careless attitudes towards nature.

Interesting facts

  • Mostly females are engaged in hunting – they are better at it than males.
  • Lions sleep much more than domestic cats.
  • Not only the mother is engaged in raising the cubs and taking care of them: all the lionesses of the pride look after the cubs.

How to take part

Study the problem of lion extinction and think about what you can do to minimize it. Even if you can only disseminate information about their vulnerable position, this already means a lot. Publish posts about lions on social networks, inform your friends and relatives about the problem. It is especially important to educate children.

Donate money to a wildlife fund. If you have little money, but a lot of free time, look for opportunities to become a volunteer: wildlife needs caring people.

When is World Lion Day celebrated in 2023?

World Lion Day is observed on August 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 10 2023
Saturday August 10 2024
Sunday August 10 2025
Monday August 10 2026

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