World Day of the Sick - February 11
Sun, Feb 11, 2024

World Day of the Sick

On the planet there are many people suffering from serious diseases in complete solitude. The lack of funds for treatment, the lack of psychological and moral support or qualified doctors nearby, quite often causes the death of patients who could have been saved. To draw public attention to the problems associated with serious diseases, the World Day of the Sick was created. Thanks to the actions organized on February 11, it is possible to collect huge amounts of donations, which are sent to help sick people in need.


In the spring of 1992, Pope John Paul II initiated the creation of the World Day of the Sick. The pontiff in his speech urged Catholics never to forget about mercy, to pay attention to the suffering of sick people who cannot pay for treatment or need care. At that moment, no one guessed that to create such an unusual day, the Pope was prompted by the diagnosis that doctors gave him. Only a year later it became known that he had Parkinson’s disease.

Interesting facts

  • For the first time the holiday was celebrated in 1993.
  • February 11 is not chosen for the World Day of the Sick by chance. According to legend, several centuries ago in the French Lourdes on this day there was an apparition of the Holy Virgin. Our Lady of Lourdes helped all those suffering and healed the sick.
  • Catholics around the world consider Our Lady of Lourdes the patroness of all the sick and pray to her for healing.
  • Every year, for the World Day of the Sick, the Pope’s message to the public is published.

How to celebrate

Every year on February 11, events, conferences, seminars are held in all countries to discuss problems associated with the treatment of serious or rare diseases.

Charity evenings, concerts, auctions are arranged, and the collected money is sent to seriously ill patients or to equip paramedic stations located in villages, small towns.

In Catholic churches, solemn Masses are held, at which they pray for the suffering. Parishioners remember in the appeal to the Mother of God all the sick, wretched and unhappy.

When is World Day of the Sick celebrated in 2024?

World Day of the Sick is observed on February 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday February 11 2024
Tuesday February 11 2025
Wednesday February 11 2026
Thursday February 11 2027