Work Like a Dog Day - August 5
Sat, Aug 5, 2023

Work Like a Dog Day

National Work Like A Dog Day is designed to inspire us to work hard, achieve goals, and make dreams come true. This day allows you to declare big and small achievements. If you have been waiting for the right moment to rush towards grandiose plans and great achievements, take the chance.


It is not known who came up with the idea to organize this holiday. It is only clear that it goes back to the expression ‘work like a dog’, inspired by the work of farm and sled dogs.

The point of the day is not to force yourself to do what you hate, but to remind yourself that you need to work hard to achieve what you want. Weekends come every week, and the day that calls for maximum effort only once a year – so why not take advantage of it? After productive work, rest is much more pleasant.

Interesting facts

  • The most hardworking US citizens are Alaskans who work more than 41 hours a week.
  • To make the day as productive as possible, it is recommended to arrange a twenty-minute rest every 50 minutes.
  • Citizens of the Netherlands work the least in the world – their working week lasts a little more than 29 hours.
  • The most effective result can be achieved by focusing on one thing, and not being ‘scattered’ over several. Multitasking is inefficient.

How to take part

This is one of the few holidays when you should not rest, but work hard. Avoid extremes – if you overwork, you can destroy your health and move your target to an unattainable distance. Remember that fruitful work is impossible without sufficient quality rest.

When is Work Like a Dog Day celebrated in 2023?

Work Like a Dog Day is observed on August 5 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 5 2023
Monday August 5 2024
Tuesday August 5 2025
Wednesday August 5 2026

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