Valentino Day - August 23
Tue, Aug 23, 2022

Valentino Day

Valentino Day is celebrated on August 23 by those who love cinema. Today, we who watch color and beautifully voiced blockbusters and TV shows find it difficult to imagine that the history of cinema began with black-and-white and silent films. But it was a whole era of the formation of world cinema, and it had its own stars. The brightest superstar of the 1920s was Rudolph Valentino, an Italian-born American actor.

3A 12-year acting career, he played in more than 30 films. Many of them are considered lost. But the paintings with his star roles have been preserved.


Valentino is remembered for his roles as Julio Desnoyer in The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Ahmed Ben Hassan in The Sheik, Juan Gallardo in Blood and Sand, and Vladimir Dubrovsky in The Eagle. Rudolph Valentino was not just outwardly attractive, but a talented and charismatic actor.

On August 15, 1926, 31-year-old Valentino suddenly lost consciousness. He had a perforated stomach ulcer. He was taken to a New York hospital where his condition was misdiagnosed as appendicitis. After surgery to remove the appendix, the actor developed peritonitis, which led to sepsis, and Valentino died. Valentino Day is celebrated in memory of him and his cinematic legacy.

Interesting facts

The following events are associated with the death of the actor:

  1. Several of his most devoted female fans, upon learning of his death, committed suicide.
  2. Valentino’s coffin was made of mahogany with silver decor.
  3. Airplanes flew over the crowd of mourners at the funeral, dropping rose petals on them.
  4. Legend reports that Benito Mussolini ordered a guard of honor to accompany the actor’s coffin.
  5. The second legend says that instead of the body, a wax doll lay in the coffin – so that the artist’s fans, distraught with grief, would not damage the coffin and the body.
  6. For 30 years on Valentino Day, thousands of women have visited his grave.

How to celebrate

Watch movies featuring the brilliant artist or visit his grave at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Write about the actor and post his photos on social networks with the hashtag #ValentinoDay. Your friends may not even have heard of it – help them find out.

When is Valentino Day celebrated in 2022?

Valentino Day is observed on August 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday August 23 2022
Wednesday August 23 2023
Friday August 23 2024
Saturday August 23 2025
Sunday August 23 2026

What today?

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