Notary Public Day - November 7
Mon, Nov 7, 2022

Notary Public Day

Notary Public Day is a holiday dedicated to representatives of one of the important, revered, respectable professions. It is the participation of a notary that gives the contract, agreement, transaction legitimacy. Notaries are public officials who are entrusted with important tasks, the most common ones are signing documents, confirming identity.


The first notaries appeared in Ancient Egypt in 2750 BC, even then people paid great attention to the legal literacy of transactions. Of course, they called specialists differently – sesh – this word meant the profession of a chronicler, they were authorized to write official messages. The profession was very revered, because at that time most people could not read and write. The first notaries helped draw up a document and check it. During the Middle Ages, notaries were appointed by the Pope, they were church ministers. Later, they were representatives of the Templar organ. And in England in the 15th century, notaries were appointed by the archbishop.

Interesting Facts

  • Tutankhamun loved and appreciated various records so much that he ordered writing supplies to be placed in his tomb.
  • The first notary is the Roman slave Tiron, he came up with a special method of shorthand and called it “notae”, so he shorthand the speeches of Cicero.
  • Notaries became an essential part of international trade, only they could certify the so-called maritime protest, which reported damage to the ship and cargo.
  • A representative of this profession must have an iron character, high moral character, in order to bravely and adequately withstand the crossfire of the opposing sides.
  • In 2021, almost 65% of notaries are women.
  • November 7 was chosen for the holiday for a reason, it was on this day in America that a notary was first appointed in the New Haven colony.

How to celebrate

Express your gratitude to a notary you know. If there is no such person in your environment, write a thank you post on social networks. Tell people about the importance and benefits of this profession. Find out more about these people, what they do, how they help society. Visit your local library or archives, do your own research. If you are looking for a future profession, consider working as a notary so you can help other people.

When is Notary Public Day celebrated in 2022?

Notary Public Day is observed on November 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday November 7 2022
Tuesday November 7 2023
Thursday November 7 2024
Friday November 7 2025
Saturday November 7 2026