National Professional House Cleaners Day - September 17
Sat, Sep 17, 2022

National Professional House Cleaners Day

National Professional House Cleaners Day is an annual holiday dedicated to professional cleaners. It is these people who allow us to enjoy clean streets and cozy houses. Celebrated on September 17th.


The holiday was established by the American Home Cleaners Association (AHCA) in 2019. Its main goal is to increase the importance of the cleaning profession in society. Many people think that this is a boring, dirty and not prestigious job. However, they miss the most important thing – the significance and role of this profession for each person. If it did not exist, then we would not be able to walk along clean streets, and, if necessary, order professional house cleaning.

The profession of a cleaner allows many people who have not received special education to find a job. The minimum skill level to be acquired is the operation of cleaning equipment such as steam cleaners, for example.

This holiday allows us to express words of gratitude for the rather difficult work that allows the entire society to live in purity.

Interesting facts

  • Most of the bacteria in the apartment accumulates on the cutting board and in the drum of the washing machine. Clean these areas frequently.
  • The cleanliness problem is worst in the poor countries of the South, as well as in Argentina and Chile.
  • The contemplation of a clean and tidy apartment cheers up, encourages new business.

How to celebrate

Congratulate friends and acquaintances who are engaged in professional cleaning. At National Professional House Cleaners Day, cleaning your own apartment is a great solution.

You can also get together with your friends and have a street cleaning event. Create a social media post to get more people involved in the process!

When is National Professional House Cleaners Day celebrated in 2022?

National Professional House Cleaners Day is observed on September 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 17 2022
Sunday September 17 2023
Tuesday September 17 2024
Wednesday September 17 2025
Thursday September 17 2026

What today?

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