National Play Day with Dad - November 25
Fri, Nov 25, 2022

National Play Day with Dad

National Play Day With Dad is celebrated on November 25 in America. This is a kind holiday, on which fathers from all over the country take days off and spend time with their children. The purpose of the holiday is to tell society that a child needs attention from two parents. We think it’s right!


Historically, the mother takes care of the children. Husbands are limited to providing for the family, not taking part in education. However, this situation also occurs in families with double income. Fathers are removed from worries. We bet that many would simply not cope with their duties if the wife went on vacation, leaving the kids behind.

In the 1950s, some maternity hospitals invited men to participate in the birth process – to support the woman, though not in the room. Until this year, the presence was unacceptable, and women voted for it, not wanting to appear before their beloved at a disadvantage. In the 70s, the male sex could already see the birth with their own eyes, being in the room.

Today the world is changing: men understand that children need support, and wives need help. Studies have confirmed that 8-10 hours are spent on household chores. There is a lot of work ahead: some heads of families still claim that children are the concern of the fair sex.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that:

  • paternal genes help the fetus develop, extract more nutrients from the mother’s body – this was the conclusion of the biologist David Haig;
  • a child who receives sufficient attention from his father is less prone to aggression and cruelty;
  • children learn to speak more quickly from dad than from mom;
  • Postpartum depression of the fathers can affect the well-being of the baby.

How to celebrate

If you have a child, pay attention to him on National Day! Think about the current situation: are you spending enough time together? If you are a woman, explain to your husband about the importance of action, tell about the research, tell the stories of ordinary people.

When is National Play Day with Dad celebrated in 2022?

National Play Day with Dad is observed on November 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 25 2022
Saturday November 25 2023
Monday November 25 2024
Tuesday November 25 2025
Wednesday November 25 2026

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