National Mother-in-Law Day - October
Sun, Oct 23, 2022

National Mother-in-Law Day

National Mother-in-Law Day is celebrated on the last Sunday in October. The day brings with it a great opportunity to express love for the mother-in-law. There is an opinion that she always grumbles, creates problems, does not even love us, but this does not always happen. Many found support and care in her, because they did it themselves! Join the celebration to show gratitude and see what happens.


National Day was first celebrated in 1934 in Texas. The editor of the local newspaper was so inspired by Mother’s Day that he felt it was unfair that there was no date dedicated to the mother-in-law. Since then, the holiday has been celebrated with pleasure, but the date has shifted to October (previously events were held in March). It doesn’t matter if you and your partner are officially married: you can also thank your boyfriend’s mom!

Family reunification is not an easy process. Each side has its own ways and vision of life. Often couples become hostages of a situation where parents do not have the desire to contact each other. It is important to understand that in such situations there is no need to escalate the situation and blame! It’s no surprise that parents sometimes act out of control – it’s always hard to imagine that there is a person in the world who can take better care of their child!

Interesting facts

Amazing Moments:

  • in 1300-1400 the word “mother-in-law” appears in everyday life;
  • Bona Sforza – the Milanese princess and the Polish queen did not approve of her daughters-in-law, she was suspected of poisoning them;
  • Cersei Lannister (Game of Thrones) – The Queen of the Seven Kingdoms is perhaps the most terrible mother-in-law in modern paintings. She did not hide her dislike for her daughter-in-law, and then organized a massacre.

How to celebrate

Attention is the best gift for mother-in-law! Make her feel special and loved: prepare a cake for her, order the right gift, cosmetics, a beautiful dress, an accessory, a visit to a beauty salon … Invite her to visit and organize a holiday. Even if communication is not going well, try to surround her with care! Perhaps this will be the key to further positive development of relations.

When is National Mother-in-Law Day celebrated in 2022?

Make a Difference Day is observed on the fourth Sunday of October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday October 23 2022
Sunday October 22 2023
Sunday October 27 2024
Sunday October 26 2025
Sunday October 25 2026