National Kissing Day - June 22
Sat, Jun 22, 2024

National Kissing Day

If you like to show tenderness, touch your loved one and give affection, National Kissing Day was created for you. Be frank in displaying your romantic feelings on the holiday of June 22.


The practice of kissing originates from the Ancient Roman Empire, when such a gesture defined the attitude towards a person and was performed according to their social status. There are 3 types of kisses: on the cheek (friendly), on the lips (romantic) and the French kiss (passionate). The idea of the holiday is to bring together friendly people and couples in love.

Interesting Facts

The Japanese have come up with a funny technology for couples who are separated. They could kiss using digital mechanisms integrated into smartphones or laptops.

  1. The French kiss was invented by English-speaking soldiers serving in the Mediterranean during the First World War.
  2. Kissing techniques vary greatly. They are a manifestation of tender feelings, worthy of high appreciation.
  3. When kissing, it involves 3 dozen facial muscles, which allow you to keep your face in good shape and get rid of premature wrinkles.

People who like to kiss are not stressed. They have high immunity and a stable positive mood, which prevents the occurrence of anxiety and depression.

How to take part

Kiss often, in unexpected places and spontaneously. Practice new techniques. Try to kiss your partner on the cheek in a special way. Send virtual kisses to persons needing support and expressions of love.

When is National Kissing Day celebrated in 2024?

National Kissing Day is observed on June 22 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 22 2024
Sunday June 22 2025

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