One Voice Day - July 26
Wed, Jul 26, 2023

One Voice Day

One Voice Day – this day celebrates the unity of races, religions, and cultures. July 26 is the day of world peace. The mission of the holiday is to eradicate war, so future generations will never face this nightmare and horror. On this day, millions of people make promises of peace to each other, because only peace will make our life better and happier. Unfortunately, humanity is too often confronted with hatred and intolerance. One Voice Day is the perfect occasion to remember that the world unites us all.

The History

One Voice Day was first celebrated in 1996 to draw attention to the Universal Peace Pact. Initially, it would have been celebrated on December 31; later, the date was changed and moved to July 26. The pact was written for all people, regardless of age, religion, or ethnicity. The Universal Peace Pact teaches us to be more peaceful, kinder, and more tolerant towards people. On this day, the voices of all people merge into one, which gave the holiday its name.

Interesting Facts

  • The Testament of Universal Peace was developed by the students of the School of Metaphysics.
  • The world is the main essence of many religions – Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, and Islam.
  • Many famous leaders for peace; for example, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King. They believed violence in any form was contrary to peace.
  • Sweden has been neutral since 1814 and Switzerland since 1815.
  • In the modern world, studies of global peace and conflicts are regularly conducted. The purpose of these studies is to minimize the likelihood of war.
  • Today we cannot remain aloof from peacekeeping issues. It is important to take an active position and take part in events.
  • Unfortunately, technological progress is directly related to the development of powerful weapons that can be used for military purposes.
  • Gender equality brings more peacefulness and kindness to society.

How to take part

Read the Global Peace Pact and commit yourself to adhere strictly to its principles and promote peace. The document is hosted on a special platform, with versions in different languages. If each of us reads this Pact, humanity will inevitably change. Show love and care, and learn to respect the ideas, thoughts, and beliefs of other people.

When is One Voice Day Celebrated in 2023?

One Voice Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on July the 26th each year.


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Friday July 26 2024
Saturday July 26 2025
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