National Jose Day - September 13
Wed, Sep 13, 2023

National Jose Day

National José Day is dedicated to the name of José celebrated on September 13th. According to the Social Security Administration (SSA), this name was among the most popular. Since 2011, Jacob took its place, but most parents continue to actively give their children the name José. Many famous people of various professions are associated with this name: from football players to scientists and film actors.


Who exactly proposed to celebrate National José Day remains a mystery. Regarding the origin of the name José, there are several theories. First, it is an analogue of the name Joseph in Spain and Portugal. Despite the same spelling, the pronunciation is different. In addition, a similar name exists in French. It can also be used as an additional element in female names, for example, Marie-José.

In England, you can also find the word Jose, but in the form of a surname. It is rooted in the Romano-Celtic culture. It is most common in people living in Cornwall.

Interesting facts

  • Differences in the spelling of José as name or surname in different languages ​​is an excellent example of a cross-lingual homograph.
  • The phenomenon associated with the wide spread of the name José in different countries continues to interest people involved in onomastics.
  • The popularity of the name is largely due to famous people. For example: famous film actor José García, football player José Ignacio, Cuban poet José Martí and many other people.

How to take part

Congratulate on National José Day all acquaintances, relatives, and friends who bear this name. Study various sources of information and check out all kinds of theories regarding this name. Share this day on social media.

When is National Jose Day celebrated in 2023?

National Jose Day is observed on September 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 13 2023
Friday September 13 2024
Saturday September 13 2025
Sunday September 13 2026

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