National I Love You Day - October 14
Fri, Oct 14, 2022

National I Love You Day

National I Love You Day in the United States is celebrated annually on October 14th. This national day is different from Valentine’s Day, because it is not only for couples in love. You can express your love not only to your partner, but also to your parents, children, friends and everyone who is really dear to you.


The appearance of this holiday is associated with the promotion of a romantic movie that was released on a wide screen on October 14, 2015. On the occasion of the premiere, the director of the film posted #EverydayILoveYou on social networks, which greatly excited the people of the Philippines, where the movie was filmed. Marketers quickly picked up the public interest, launched a hashtag on Twitter, where they found a lot of supporters. This eventually led to the creation of the new hashtag #NationalILoveYouDay.

At first, the hashtag became very popular on the Philippine Twitter, then the success spread to the American segment of the social network. Over time, 3 million users in 62 countries around the world used this hashtag, demonstrating the power of their love with it.

Fun facts

  • in 430 BC the Greek philosopher Empedocles wrote that the world consists of four elements (water, earth, fire and air), which are controlled by the energies of love and struggle;
  • in 1597, the English poet and playwright William Shakespeare first published the play Romeo and Juliet, which tells the story of unfortunate lovers;
  • In 1967, The Beatles recorded the legendary hit All You Need Is Love, which quickly became an ode to the Summer of Love.

How to celebrate

On this national day, you should muster up the courage and confess your love to all your dear and dear people. The form of recognition can be any: a phone call, a message on social networks, a post under a photo, a poem, a postcard or a love song. Also, the day is suitable for indulging in pleasant memories with your loved ones by going for a walk, to the cinema, to a restaurant, to a theater performance, to a concert.

When is National I Love You Day celebrated in 2022?

National I Love You Day is observed on October 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday October 14 2022
Saturday October 14 2023
Monday October 14 2024
Tuesday October 14 2025
Wednesday October 14 2026

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