National High Five Day - April
Thu, Apr 18, 2024

National High Five Day

It is appropriate to demonstrate a great mood, fighting spirit, or enthusiasm on National High Five Day, celebrated on April 21. Meeting persons share a positive charge. It is a simple gesture, with huge value for a positive perception of the world.

The History

How did this holiday appear? From baseball, in 1977 the Los Angeles Dodgers team performed superbly, and the players gave the world this cool gesture. It was a sign the team members worked perfectly and showed team spirit. An alternative version tells the story of the first High Five basketball players from Louisville.

How to take part

The holiday is celebrated on the third Thursday of April. Interesting promotions are held, ‘fives’ and lemonade are distributed. Donations are sent to charitable foundations.

  1. Adults are proficient in the art of giving a High Five.
  2. Teach your child this cute greeting. The learning process will be fun, and an opportunity to laugh and get closer to your own child.
  3. Has the kid learned it? It is time to train your dog to master the High Five skill. Check it out!
  4. Becoming a master, learn the low five technique to remove your hand before your friend has time to strike back. The technique was used in films.

This international gesture is used by people on all continents, with an identical meaning. It is an optimal method for gaining favor even with a linguistic barrier.

When is National High Five Day celebrated in 2024?

National High Five Day is observed every year on the third Thursday of April.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday April 18 2024
Thursday April 17 2025