National Feel the Love Day - September 7
Thu, Sep 7, 2023

National Feel the Love Day

National Feel the Love Day is the warmest, most tender, and sensual holiday dedicated to the feeling that each of us has experienced – for relatives, friends, your soulmate, or a pet. The holiday was founded with one purpose – it encourages people not to be afraid to feel love, and to spread the feeling to others. It is love that makes our life richer and brighter. And it also makes people happy, creating a sense of security.


There is no information about the founder of National Feel the Love Day, but millions of people picked up this idea, because it is noble and sincere. For many people, love becomes an elixir, a breath of air. It rejuvenates, makes people more beautiful, more open, and more sensitive. And this feeling can also inspire artists, poets, actors, musicians, and writers. Creative personalities create their best works in a state of love. Scientists note the positive effect of love on the physical and psychological state of a person.

Interesting Facts

  • A simple hug can act as an excellent pain reliever, if it is sincere.
  • Failed romantic relationships can lead to real heart problems, shortness of breath, and pain.
  • Scientists have proven there are people who are unable to feel love; this phenomenon is called hypopituitarism.
  • The probability of finding true love is quite low – according to statistics, a person falls in love with one out of almost 600 people.

How to take part

Go on a date. Invite your soulmate and it doesn’t matter what status your relationship is in. Best of all, throw a surprise party for your loved one. Learn to demonstrate your feelings – this is pleasant for you and the one to whom your love is addressed. The first person you should love is yourself. Pamper yourself and make time for self-care.

When is National Feel the Love Day in 2023?

National Feel the Love Day is observed on September 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday September 7 2023
Saturday September 7 2024
Sunday September 7 2025
Monday September 7 2026